Mindfulness Workshop

The workshop

Dip your toe in


Who's it for

This workshop is for the ones who

  • Want to start somewhere but are not sure if this is for you
  • Do not have the financial means at this moment to commit to the a complete course
  • Want to discover what mindfulness and life coaching can do for you and if it is a fit

The workshop is one long 1:1 coaching session of 3 hours together so you can personally get guidance on what you need in that moment and experience what mindfulness practices can do for you. 

What you get

During the Workshop

  • We will explore together with you what your needs are and what you are struggling with
  • I will coach you on the main thing that you are struggling with
  • I will give you practical tools that you can apply daily in your life to make a lasting change
  • I will guide you through the basic Mindfulness meditations so you can practice them yourself afterwards
  • You will experience a completely different way of relating to yourself and your thoughts
  • You will have time to ask all your questions 

After the session

  • I will send you an email with the summary of the workshop
  • Always have the opportunity to contact me about questions you have during your practice

Just like when you follow the Complet Course, after the workshop it is essential that you start practising yourself on a daily basis. Only by actually practising it you will start to see results for yourself. Do keep that in mind before you apply.

So, are you curious about what Mindfulness is but you are not able to follow the complete Mindfulness course, the workshop might be a great opportunity for you! Find out for yourself what Mindfulness and life coaching can do for you...

The Nitty Gritty


For the nitty gritty part just shoot me a message, I will respond as soon as I can with all the details and will answer all your questions.

I want to start investing in me


Last year was my final year of my master degrees. I just graduated at the end of June and I decided to go to Bali for four weeks, all by myself. Before I went to the Bali I read about Mindful Bali but I didn’t book any course or workshop, I think I was too scared for something I didn’t knew anything about. But during my trip through Bali I met a special friend who was in the complete course of Mindful Bali, this wasn’t a coincidence.. So I decided to do a workshop. In this three hours I learned a lot about myself and especially what I would like to change in my normal life back home. I am a very happy girl, but sometimes I am ten steps further instead of living in the moment. Something that I wanna change. Back home I try to implement the tools in my normal day life and after three weeks I can definitely say that I am more aware of living in the moment and the most important thing; I am happier with myself! Cynthia Lennarts, The Netherlands

When I was in Bali for 2 weeks I was in doubt whether to contact Mindful Bali or not, but I felt in everything that I needed it and I’m so happy I did. I felt restless, I wasn’t sure what I wanted with my life and if I’m following the right path. I only did a 3 hour course with her, but in those 3 hours I learned a lot. The meditations were very nice, she guided me through them and through the course she made me feel like she already knew me so well. Now it’s up to me to keep doing all the exercises and I already feel that the course benefits me in so many ways in my life. Stephanie Grooters, The Netherlands

I have always wanted to start meditating but never really knew how and where to start. I found the Mindfulbali website and recognised myself in what was written on it. Since I wasn’t around for long it was more convenient for me to follow the workshop. I am still so happy that I followed the workshop and I met Nadja. I had the feeling she completely understood me. In just a few hours I experienced for myself what Mindfulness is. She teached me how to meditate and gave me tools to work with at home. I still meditate now and use her tools often. They really help me cope with my busy life here in Holland. I can advise everyone to just give it a try. Nadja is such a warm and open hearted person, you feel comfortable right away. Noelle de Baan, The Netherlands