After being in a negative cycle for already 1,5 years where I felt unhappy and lost in life I knew it was time to do something. I already tried going to a therapist and a psychologist but that did not help me much and I did not how to break through this negative pattern. I had someone recommending me to get in touch with Nadja and to start mindfulness to help me find clarity and self love again. I felt that going away from home in a completely different environment to work on myself helped me more than doing this at home since I was removed from all the negative triggers and out of my comfort zone and completely focussed on myself. When I started I was super nervous but when I met Nadja I felt calm straight away. Nadja knows so much about mindfulness, psychology, personal development and self love and really knows how to apply this to your particular situation. She is very open about her own struggles and how to overcome them so I also felt very comfortable sharing my own struggles with her. I could really feel that she had no judgement at all which makes it so much easier to actually be yourself with her and share 


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- Ingrid Constandse // entrepeneur // Complete course

mindfulness course

Beginning of November I decided to fly to Bali as a start of an inner journey. Little did I know that I would find my true self again! Thanks to Mindful Bali and Nadja’s course in mindfulness I re-connected with myself again. As I worked 80 hours (or more) a week I was always on-the-go and always looking for what I should do next, in the future. I used to DO yoga, DO my meditation and found myself in conflict often as I actually didn’t have the time for it. During our sessions I learned to embrace and recognise what IS. I learned to just BE and hear my thoughts and see my emotions. I let go checking off my to do list and punishing myself for forcing myself into DO-ing, and it gave me serenity and spontaneity in return. Since I returned back home I’m taking each step I take in Love for myself instead of in Fear for what I must do. I’m indefinitely thankful for opening up to the world of mindfulness.

- Fatma Genc // Marketing Manager // Complete Course

Thanks so much Nadja!
Since I passed 25, I felt a little stuck in my life. I didn’t liked my job anymore and I was questioning myself if Amsterdam – and al its hastiness – still was the place for me. I decided to go to Bali for a month, but not just to enjoy myself, rest and think. No, I was willing to work on some needed self growth, in order to get my mind more clear. And there Nadja appeared. I found her thanks to Google, I wrote her an email and received a very kind one back. 

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- Loekie Joossen // Musician // Complete Course

The Mindfulness course came onto my path on the exact right time. I met Nadja on Bali where she gave an introduction to mindfulness. I was inspired by her story and what mindfulness can do for you. Because I am dealing with some very stubborn patterns, I thought this might be helpful to me too. My intention was to be able to let go more of things. I have done the full six sessions with Nadja. I already noticed a difference in how I felt after our very first sessions and I felt very comfortable around her from the beginning.

- Sabrina Met // Managager // Complete Course

mindful bali

Although my life was pretty good, something drawn me to the mindfulness course of Mindful Bali. I already was familiar with some spiritual practices, so I wasn’t sure this course would really enhance my wellbeing, but I’m so glad that I took this course. I have learned so much about myself and about what is really important in life. I felt very comfortable and free talking to Nadja. Read More »»»

- Tessa Boertje// consultant // Participant Complete Course


After some big decisions and changes in my life, I’ve decided to go on holiday alone. The purpose of the trip was to find out what I really wanted in life, which career path I needed to take and most important to find myself again. I started the Complete Course the first day that I arrived in Bali and that was a great decision. I felt immediately at ease with Nadja.

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- Tineke Vincke// marketeer // participant complete course


I had the most incredible experience doing the Complete Course with Nadja I had been struggling with myself for a while and wasn’t very happy with my life and I knew something had to change. I took the step to quit my job and go to Bali on my own. I wanted to work on myself but hesitated because I do not see myself as a spiritual person but after some research I discovered mindfulness was actually quite down to earth. I met up with Nadja and right away and she instantly gave me a safe and comfortable feeling. Read More »»»

- Marije Klomp // Dietitian // Complete Course

Natalie Morales

After my mother passed away in July 2015, I was desperately looking for things that I could do to take away my sadness. As a result, I spent a year running around from place to place, while I actually had no idea why and for whom I was doing some of the things I did. I realised wasn’t taking enough time for myself. I wasn’t giving myself the time and space to think about how I really felt, or what I really wanted in life. I read about Mindful Bali and decided this was the perfect opportunity for some self reflection. 

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- Natalie Morales Campo// Graduate // Complete Course


After I graduated from my studies a period started that I felt very down and unhappy. I felt like I had no goal in my life and didn’t know what to do with myself. I started my fulltime job but even then I always had a void within me that never seemed to leave. I was insecure and I kept engaging in unhealthy relationships over and over again. This summer I decided it was enough and it was time to work on myself. Read More »»»

- Nadine Jansen // Teacher // Participant Complete Course

Cynthia Lennarts

Last year was my final year of my master degrees. I just graduated at the end of June and I decided to go to Bali for four weeks, all by myself. Before I went to the Bali I read about Mindful Bali but I didn’t book any course or workshop, I think I was too scared for something I didn’t knew anything about.Read More »»»

- Cynthia Lennarts // Lawyer // Participant workshop

Overall, I am a very happy person and am happy with how my life is at the moment. However, a friend of mine who followed a mindfulness course with Nadja recommended me to take a course too and I got curious. I just went in open minded and to see what I could get out of it. Just the workshop gave me already many different insights and the meditations were so good! I had no clue how good it feels to meditate. Read More »»»

- Emilie Tabor // Strategic director // Participant Workshop

I find it difficult to put into words how much Nadja has helped me. I have struggled with various mental health conditions for over a decade and have seen several counsellors/psychologists over the years. However, with Nadja’s approach I was finally given the practical tools I needed to dramatically and radically improve my quality of life. Read More »»»

- Lucy Patchenstein // Human rights lawyer // Participant Workshop

I went through a really rough year and decided to travel on my own to give myself a break and leave everything behind for a while. I started my travel with the mindfulness course and that is the best decision I could have made.Read More »»»

- Rosalien // Entrepreneur // Participant Complete Course

I spent a wonderful couple of hours a day with Nadja for six days at the end of March this year.

As a counsellor, I had initially decided to study mindfulness in order to help my clients alleviate some of their symptoms of anxiety and depression. I was also aware that I needed to be able to practice mindful meditations myself first, before being able to help others.

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- Leilah // Counsellor // Participant Complete Course

I found the website of Mindful Bali and decided to send her an email. I followed the complete course with her and I am so glad I did. She is a really warm and pleasant person and I felt really comfortable around her. Read More »»»

- Saskia Renden // HRM Manager // Participant Complete Course

I have always wanted to start meditating but never really knew how and where to start. I found the Mindfulbali website and recognised myself in what was written on it. Read More »»»

- Noelle de Baan // Sales manager // Participant Workshop


The Mindfulness course came on my path right when I needed it.  I was going through a lot in my life and the course provided me with the tools necessary that deal with this. Read More »»»

- Magaly Zabarain // fulltime mum // Participant Complete course


When I was in Bali for 2 weeks I was in doubt whether to contact Mindful Bali or not, but I felt in everything that I needed it and I’m so happy I did. Read More »»»

- Stephanie Grooters// world traveller// Participant Workshop


She made me feel very comfortable during the course. At first I was a bit scared that it would all be too woolly for me and she would be the ‘tree hugging’ type (so many prejudgments already), but nothing could be further from the truth.  Read More »»»

- Daisy Oppelaar// blogger and author Ilovehealth// Participant Complete course


I am so happy that I messaged Nadja to ask her about her Mindfulness course. Although I only had one week left, she was very flexible and made the time to fit in a course for me. Read More »»»

- Esmee Noelle van Rijn// blogger and content manager// Participant Complete Course


​I visited Bali in October, and at that time I was at the end of my rope. I’m from Holland and am living in the USA for the past 13 years now. Last year my husband and I separated and it had only been a downward spiral since. Read More »»»

- Astrid Siemerink// Nurse// Participant Complete Course