About me

 Hi! Thank you for being here.


The fact that you are reading this suggests that you are looking for a change in your life. Maybe you feel stuck. Maybe you lack a purpose or direction in life. Maybe you feel depressed, anxious or low. Maybe you lack self-esteem. Maybe you keep creating the same problems in your life. Or maybe… you simply feel unhappy.

You have this inner void that constantly shows up in your life. You only have fleeting moments of happiness that you are clinging to. You want something to change So you do everything in your power to make that happen. You go to the gym in order to be fitter and look better. You read books about self-help and spirituality.  You go shopping and buy new yoga pants. Hell, you even make quinoa salads. You meet up with friends and go out to find a potential new partner. Or you try to 'fix' the relationship with your current partner. You put in the effort but you still feel the same. We try to change our body and the way we look, we seek approval and love from the other people in our life, we try to change our relationships and, especially, change others. Basically, we chase happiness by trying to change our outer circumstances.

So here is the bad news...

There is no lululemon pants, no smoothie bowl, no pay rise or partner that will actually fill that void. Yes, it will definitely make you feel better for a bit, as we all know. But that feeling never lasts for long. The only way to start making a real change is to stop trying to change the outside and to start looking at the inside. 

I am on a mission to help women that are ready to start doing just this. To start becoming more aware of their inner voice and of their own patterns. Those who are ready to start changing the perception they have of themselves and the world. I’m here to guide people to start becoming themselves again.

I have been there...

Not too long ago, I was a mess. I had just graduated from University and had absolutely no clue what to do with my life. I was stuck in toxic relationships, either unemployed or in an unfulfilling job and partying my ass off at the weekends in an attempt to forget my life. I felt empty and was convinced something was terribly wrong with me.

I was going around in circles and was clueless about how to get out. I didn't trust myself and I really didn't know what was right and what was wrong anymore. I thought I was doing everything I could to make myself feel better and make 'the right' choices but, although I changed jobs, relationships or my looks, I continued to feel the same. I lacked purpose and felt lost. 

I fought that fight for too long until I became too tired and I slowly started to lose the fight. I felt weak and useless. I started to lose hope. And I slowly started to become depressed. I got to that point that I wanted to give up. 

While I was working on my Ph.D in Business Ethics, I discovered some studies on Mindfulness and quickly became fascinated by the vast scientific evidence on the effects of Mindfulness on stress, depression, addictions, relationships, anxiety, sleeping disorders and general happiness levels. I decided I had nothing to lose and decided hire a mindfulness coach. The impact of working with a coach and starting apply mindfulness was immeasurable and changed the way I perceived both the world and myself. 

I started to meditate on a daily basis. I started to become aware of my inner world. And I suddenly realized that it wasn't my job, my partner or the way I looked that made me feel miserable. It was me. I was my own worse enemy. I took responsibility for my outer circumstances. I became surer of myself and started to see things clearly. As I started to love myself again, my world changed.

The here and now

Not long after, I decided to listen to my heart. I became licensed to share this beautiful practice with other's and I moved to Bali.

As an avid traveller, yoga fanatic and a bit of a beach bunny, I have always dreamed of making Bali my homebase while travelling the world. The tropical climate, the nearness of the ocean and the amazing vibes of the island make it the perfect location to practice and guide others to a more fulfilling, present and happy life.

I have now found my sweet spot and live a healthy and happy life, driven by passion and love. I follow my heart and listen to my intuition again. I don't just have fleeting moments of happiness but rather an ongoing feeling of fulfillment.

The voice of fear still shows up once in a while. So does the voice of doubt. But I now know how to deal with them now. They do not rule my life anymore.

And that is the journey I want to take you on.

I am a mindfulness and self love expert and i walk my talk everyday.  I continue to learn more about Mindfulness, myself and life everyday. I am passionate about sharing this practice with others to help them to reach their full potential and be all-around happier people. My coaching is authentic, open and down to earth. 

I believe that when people are more aware and present in their own life it gives them the power to take back the control over their own path and happiness. Your mind is your instrument to create your world, you can either be its slave or its master.

Let me help you to become more grounded and find happiness ...

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